This Week In Sneaks Vol. 2

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It’s that time again! I know you have been waiting all week for this…ok maybe not.

There have been quite a few new sneakers we saw this week and quite a few that will leave us loving or hating them. Due to popular demand, unnamed magazine writer is back again and still anonymous…he sure had a lot to say about the Jordan 12 x AF1 mash up.

The second person sitting on the panel is a good friend of Nice Kicks, Derek Curry who heads up the shop Sneaker Politics out of Lafayette, LA. He has made a store policy refusing to service those wearing fake kicks so you know he was happy to see JB’s continued campaign to embarrass kids rocking the “faux reals”.

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When ideas go wrong. I would???ve loved to be in on this meeting. ???So we???ll take a 12, and fuse it with a Air Force One, brilliant!??? No. Stupid.?? Truth is, people love these shoes separately, but when they come together it???s a jumbled mess.?? Not even the high-end gold clips and things can save these. Lloyd Banks said it best, ???just ???cause you pour syrup on shit don???t mean it???s pancakes.???


This could definitely be the greatest idea ever, but too bad the shoes look horrible. Hopefully they will bring it together on the next one.?? I heard they are going to fuse a Jordan 5 and the Air Force Ones so lets keep our fingers crossed.


Not feeling the Court Forces at all, so I won???t even waste your time going into detail about them.?? I can rock with the 95/360s.?? They???re not bad looking, and the comfort-factor is a plus for running away from houses and cars you???ve just egged. This Halloween I think I???m going to go as a Nike footwear package, and one half of me will be really cool looking, and the other will be an embarrassment.


Who doesn’t like holiday edition shoes? Especially with a two superb materials; safari print and patent leather. I’m a huge fan of the hybrid air max and would consider picking up the court forces as well.


Word is this shirt was made for the Hills Hedi Montag, ( sike.?? I think it???s pretty ballsy for JB to do some shirts like this, and I think it will sell a lot.?? Too bad, the dudes on Canal Street are already busy making fake ???Say No To Fakes??? Jordan t-shirts.?? Oh the irony!


I love this idea. Maybe now people will start realizing that Jordan has never put out clear retro V’s and that Sponge Bob is a cartoon show not a retro Jordan. Please go buy these shirts and support the cause.


Supra???s been killing it. People started to pay attention when Hovie was rockin??? the Supra Skytops in the ???Umbrella??? ella ella video. I give the brand props for putting out quality skate/lifestyle kicks that are relevant from Cali to NY.?? Watch out for these dudes, they???re coming strong. (Pause)


I was hanging out with the Nike SB rep last weekend and I told him that Supra is killing it. Nike SB is still leading the skateboard shoe industry but Supra is doing great things. Have you seen the Skytops? Get the fuck out of here!?? Those shoes are so official. Oh yeah, these Cali Croc’s are great too. Supra wins.


I???m not mad at this collection. The Beef and Broccoli First Rounds are the obvious standout, and right now I feel like any color-up Puma does on that silo is going to be a good look. The croc-kills it for me a little bit, I would???ve went for all suede throughout the shoe. Still not a bad look though.


I really like how Puma thought this pack out with the color ways and materials. I don’t like the whole pack, but a few of them are worth scooping up.


Pea Pods? Better not let the dope-boys hear you refer to these like that.?? They???re ok, but the Aqua???s were the get of the year so far. These just aren???t on the same level as those and if you passed on those for these, you have some serious issues.?? JK, everyone???s entitled to their opinion and if you think I???m wrong, leave a comment homie.


I am really unsure about these. On one side I dig the shoe, on the other I see a fake shoe color way and hate them. Either way they will defiantly sell out considering people love the 8’s.

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