Nike’s Dunk Explodes in Episode 3 of The Story of Dunk

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Continuing on from the previous episode, Nike has dropped The Story of Dunk: Episode 3 – SB Dunk Phenomenon.

This episode highlights the spread of Nike SB after Nike had decided to delve deeper into skate culture. Pro skaters such as Paul Rodriguez & Eric Koston join industry experts such as Darin O’Brien (Concepts) & Amy Gunther (KCDC), narrating the next step of the Dunk’s explosion.

Nike knew they were entering a space that was apprehensive of larger corporations who looked to profit off skate culture. Strategically, they decided to work alongside a few up-and-coming skaters who represented the culture in ways that other skaters admired. The first SB pack was the Colors By series, featuring designs by Reese Forbes, Gino Iannucci, Richard Mulder & Danny Supa. Starting with these 4 in the Nike SB Team, Nike increased their prominence by building their relationships with skate shops.

Though it took a few years, the trust that Nike placed in the authentic culture promoted by skaters paid off. Having a huge amount of trust placed in a select few was pivotal for Nike to do what they do best. They championed the individuals’ story, allowing specifically selected stores to show their story to the world as well. Giving the platform to smaller local stores, Nike SB allowed them to stand out and capture the attention of fans.

This was crucial to Nike’s approach to skateboarding, allowing the community to see their value was recognized genuinely. Capturing the minds of skaters and non-skaters, they listened to input from a variety of places which made SB relatable. At that point it was only a matter of time before the Dunk Phenomenon took off. The next logical step was official collaborations, which would propel Nike SB to new levels globally.

We’re not sure about you, but we can’t wait for the next episode of The Story of Dunk. It seems that even still, collaborations are one of the focal points of the sneaker world. With Nike SB & the Dunk currently at legendary levels, it definitely will be one to watch out for. Keep your eyes fixed on SNKRS app next Friday as we anticipate what is sure to be a special episode.

Let us know what your favorite Nike SB collab is while we wait, and why not take a look at some SB Dunk History in the meantime – as always stay locked into Nice Kicks for the latest!

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