The 50 Best Reebok Question Colorways in History

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Since its arrival, the Reebok Question and its aesthetic have captured heritage and the next generation with the mixture of conventional leather with glossy patent leather. In doing so, Reebok gave Iverson’s first signature shoe an untouched je ne sais quoi that reflected AI and who he’d become, a double-edged sword that simultaneously embodied tradition with a new, sleek look and feel.

The Reebok Question’s significance since the 1995-1996 season can’t be captured through words but rather colorways. As the Question and its 25th-anniversary look towards the next quarter of a decade and beyond, only one question remains; which colorway is the best?

While there’s no definitive answer, we take a look at the 50 best Reebok Question colorways in chronological order. From the women in Iverson’s life to his hair, the silhouette is just getting started in terms of telling Allen Iverson’s story, and in turn, extending his legacy beyond the hardwood.

Reebok Question Prototype  // 1995/1996

It’s not often you get to see an icon in its early form. The evolution from the prototype to the final version captures Reebok’s dedication to a fashion-forward shoe without compromising its performance aspects. 

Reebok Question “Red Toe” // 1996

Nothing can top the classic. The contrast of the white leather upper and red suede for the toe area made Allen Iverson’s first shoe with Reebok a piece of art. Aside from its obvious on-court legacy, the red toe is also immortalized as the story of Iverson’s “bloody” sock as a result of balling in the red toe cap pair. 

Reebok Question “Blue Pearlized Toe” // 1996

It’s not often that a shoe is cemented in history for an accomplishment over Michael Jordan — it’s usually the other way around. But if there’s anyone who could accomplish such a feat, it’s Allen Iverson. The pearlized blue toe was worn by the rookie when he crossed up the one and only Michael Jordan. 

Reebok Question Black/Gold // 1997

Elegance at its finest. For the first time in the Question’s history, the silhouette was dipped in a non-OG colorway. The all-black with gold details pop perfectly and capture Iverson’s swag-induced bravado.

Reebok Question Low “Oatmeal” // 1999, 2020

The icy outsole made head turns with the light brown hue making its way on the toe cap, heel tab, lace loops, and the classic Reebok vector logo. Originally making noise in 1999, the low-top made its long-awaited return in 2020. Not only did the colorway receive its well-deserved flowers, but the return was also a sellout. 

Reebok Question Low “Mocha” // 1999

Similar to the “Oatmeal” colorway, the “Mocha” iteration of the Reebok Question Low adds some flavor to the silhouette. The earthy tone combined with Bok’s rich suede toe cap makes this colorway a must-have. Dear Reebok, please bring these back. 

Reebok Question Michigan State PE // 2000 

The tradition of college-exclusive colorways is unlike anything else in footwear. Collegiate powerhouses flex their sponsorships with unattainable versions of classics.

Michigan State Spartans were treated to a Spartan Green colorway of the Question. Aside from its exclusivity, this Question is adored in Lansing as the PE was seen on the court during State’s 2000 NCAA championship run. 

Reebok Question “All-Star” // 2000

If you’re familiar with AI, you know fashion is everything. This Question was meant to make its debut during the 2000 All-Star Game in Oakland. Iverson had different plans and held off on lacing up in the pair since it didn’t match his uniform. Gotta respect that business decision.

Reebok Question White/Orange // 2000

An unprecedented citrus look lands on the Question. A bright orange accompanies the traditional white upper on the toe cap, the Vector logo, heel, lace loops, and beyond as the non-OG is a collector’s must-have.

Reebok Question Yao Ming PE // 2003

Reebok was in a league of its own in the early 2000s. One of the many vignettes into ‘Bok’s success was the addition of Yao Ming to the brand’s roster. The size 18 Question PE was simple in nature with a white and black color combo with “11 Yao” added above the Hexalite window.

Arguably one of the rarest PEs in Reebok history, the pair is a great piece of sneaker history.

Reebok Question Kobe Bryant PE (Purple Suede Toe) // 2003

Following Kobe’s departure from adidas, the Lakers guard had the power in his hands and flexed it. Becoming one of the most iconic sneaker free-agency runs in history, Bryant rocked a little bit of everything before signing with Nike.

Kobe balled out and recorded 12 three-pointers while wearing the purple suede PE. 

Reebok Question Kobe Bryant PE (Yellow Toe) // 2003, 2020

On top of the purple suede toe version, a yellow toe PE was also cooked up for Bryant. The importance of Kobe’s sneaker free-agency run can’t be overstated enough. He truly changed the game. The PE would make its way to retail in late 2020.

The colorway was originally meant to release in early 2020, but Kobe and Gigi Bryant’s tragic death, among others, halted the release. 

Eastbay-Exclusive Reebok Question “Perfect Gift” // 2004

The mythical $64K Question featured a custom white gold diamond-encrusted deubré. The pair was advertised on an Eastbay catalog back in the day.

Legend has it that a New Jersey man purchased the pair. However, the colorway has yet to be seen. 

UNDEFEATED x Reebok Question // 2006

If you’re going to do a collaboration, it needs to be done with UNDEFEATED. The Los Angeles boutique delivered a banger as a vibrant look dressed the silhouette. The colorway is one of the most sought-after Question releases. 

Reebok Question “Why Not Us?” // 2006, 2021

Everybody was saying we couldn’t win because of our size. It’s about the size of your heart.

Coming into the fourth quarter, we were all sitting on the sideline saying: ‘Why not us?’

Allen Iverson

No one captures the “heart over height” saying quite like Allen Iverson. During the 2001 All-Star Game (back when it was actually competitive), the East was down 25 points heading into the fourth quarter. Iverson wasn’t going out without a fight and rallied the East stars to a triumphant performance.

After its ‘06 release, the colorway is retelling Iverson’s tenacity on the court for the game’s 20th anniversary.

Reebok Question Denver Nuggets PE // 2006

While AI is a Sixer for life, his run with Melo and the Denver Nuggets was a beauty to witness. And what’s a new team without colorways to match?

The legendary light blue and yellow made their way onto the Question capturing how both AI and the model still transcend sport and fashion. 

Reebok Question Denver Nuggets PE // 2006

The baby blue patent leather and the all-black leather upper tees up a clean look. The streets would go crazy for these if they were ever released. 

McDonald’s All-American Game x Reebok Question Low “30th-Anniversary”  // 2007

Two icons meet as the famed McDonald’s All-American Game featured a commemorative Reebok Question Low specifically for the 30th-anniversary of the event. 

Reebok Question Low “Multicolor” // 2007

Straying away from a typical color combination, the Reebok Question Low adopted a multicolor look that easily catches the eye. The blue toe featured a patterned look that highlighted the patent leather material.

Reebok Question White/Gold // 2007

The Question is best known for the ability to transform any color combination into a stellar release. As timeless and versatile that the Question is, a white and gold version only adds to the model’s rapport. 

Burn Rubber x Reebok Question “Apollos Young” // 2012

Detroit’s Burn Rubber reinvented the Question with the help of the mythical Apollos Young. AY, the best baller to never make it to the NBA, dropped 54 pts, 31 rebs, 22 steals, 0 assists during his final performance with the Detroit Pistons during the 1996 preseason. 

Snapback to reality and the BR x Reebok Question added some hardwood heritage as the teal and maroon provide the iconic model’s perfect amount of nostalgia. 

Packer Shoes x Reebok Question LeBron James PE // 2013

Before LeBron joined Nike, the St. Vincent’s St. Mary’s student was a national phenomenon in the basketball world. During LeBron’s SVSM run, he rotated several shoes from adidas to Jordan and even a Reebok Question. 

Despite LeBron choosing Nike over Reebok, Reebok decided to treat sneaker lovers with a bit of history with Packer Shoes’ help. The famed boutique and the brand recreated The King’s Reebok Question PE before his reign within the NBA. 

One of the biggest “what if?” in sneakers and basketball made its way into the hands of Question fanatics and LeBron stans alike. 

SneakersNStuff x Reebok Question “A Shoe About Nothing” // 2013

What’s the shoe about? It’s about nothing! No story? No, forget the story. You gotta have a story. Who says you gotta have a story? 

In short, the SNS crew loved the color and the use of materials on this collaborative Question. In a world dominated by narratives, it’s nice just to look and enjoy a good shoe for what it is. 

SneakersNStuff x Reebok Question “Crocus” // 2013

The SNS crew drew inspiration from seasons’ change as the Crocus flower found in Sweden inspired the eye-catching purple and gold match-up. Continuing with SNS’s commitment to quality, a buttery suede takes over as the collaborative Question is as loud as high-quality. 

Reebok Question “Ghost Of Christmas Future” // 2013

While Iverson and his legacy are prominent on the Question (and rightly so), Bok treated the Reebok Question with a festive look as the “Ghost Of Christmas Future” combined a purple suede and leather with red lining for a winterized look.

Reebok Question “Pump” // 2014

Two icons collide as Reebok celebrated its 25th anniversary of the Pump technology by reimagining it on Iverson’s silhouette. 

Reebok Question “First Ballot” // 2014

When you see a Question, the 76ers automatically come to mind, thanks to Allen Iverson. With a new look and feel on the upper, Reebok recreated a 76ers look on the Question with a primarily black upper with red, white, blue, and silver details. 

Packer Shoes x Reebok Question Saint Anthony High School PE // 2014

Packer Shoes delved back into the PE game as the boutique brought back the Question PE from their undefeated 2007-2008 state championship run. The gold and maroon speak volumes about elegance that translates both on and off the court—word to Saint Anthony High School and the recreation via Packer. 

Reebok Question Low “White Noise” // 2015

We all know and love AI because of his ability to silence haters, doubters, and non-believers. The Question “White Noise” colorway captures Iverson’s ability to tune out all the negativity and turn it into white noise. The all-white upper and bright midsole clash together to create one hell of a colorway. 

Packer Shoes x SNS x Reebok “A Shoe About Crocus” // 2015

Once again, SneakersNStuff and Reebok delivered. This time, with the help of Packer Shoes. SNS’s previous “A Shoe About Nothing” and “Crocus” collaborations collide as the premium materials and loud colors collide on the pair. 

Reebok Question “Concord” // 2015

We all know Iverson’s idol. Who can blame him? To celebrate that, along with the Question, the “Concord” colorway served the same elegant purpose as its muse. The black and white sneaker with croc print instead of patent leather. 

Hall of Fame x Reebok Question “Braid” // 2016

Los Angeles’ own Hall of Fame boutique took the Iverson inspiration to a whole new level. Although known for his swagger and style, AI’s hair is also a prominent aspect of his character and bravado. Hall of Fame took the hair and implemented it onto the shoe’s side while also deconstructing the shoe. 

Streetwear meets performance once more on the Question with the perfect ode to AI. 

BAPE x mita sneakers x Question Mid “1st Camo” // 2016

BAPE has been at the forefront of hype and fashion with its iconic camouflage print. It was long overdue that these two brands came together on the Question. Is it time for a re-release? 

Capsule x Reebok Question // 2016 

A potential sleeper, you might not see stateside all too often. Toronto’s Capsule gave the Reebok Question a premium makeover with a clean colorway. Inspired by the city’s unruly weather patterns, the light beige iteration with the hairy suede and contrasting black suede toe added to a classic exclusive to the boutique located in the 6. 

Reebok Question “Practice” // 2016

We talkin’ about practice?

While AI has a plethora of iconic moments on the court, his off-court “Practice” monologue has more cultural impact than any Shakespeare bar. The color combination, inspired by the legendary fit during the speech, was eye-catching and soothing, with stitched detailing adding to its aesthetic. 

Reebok Question “White Party” // 2016 

The Question got dressed up in celebration of Iverson’s birthday as the pair released on July 7, 2016. The traditional leather upper was substituted by a quilted leather upper showing the shoe’s versatility with quality that made heads turn both on and off the court.

Packer Shoes x Reebok Question “Practice Part 2” // 2016

Packer and Reebok revisited the iconic Allen Iverson quote on the collaborative “Practice” project. The “Part 2” colorway embodied more of a traditional 76ers look as red and blue took center stage as white details, and a gum bottom tied it all together. 

Melody Ehsani x Reebok Question // 2016

Two Reebok legends came together on the Question that went deeper than Iverson himself. Inspired by the women in his life, Melody Ehsani’s take on the Question included a vegtan upper built with three different leather types.

Not to mention, Ehsani hit up Iverson’s daughters Tiaura, Messiah and Dream, and their mother Tawanna to support this women’s version.

Teyana Taylor x Reebok Question “Red October” // 2016

These the Red ’Boktobers! 

Teyana Taylor went all-in on the Red October motif with her collaborative Reebok Question. The shoe’s all-red colorway, premium snakeskin accents, and icy outsole added to both Teyana’s portfolio as well as the ever-growing Reebok archive. 

BAIT x Reebok Question “Snake 2.0” // 2018

BAIT reintroduced the sneaker world to its slithery take on the Reebok Question. The first installation, released in 2013, was updated as that iconic patent leather wrapped around the entire shoe in the 2018 version. Premium materials and the BAIT lettering on the heel equated to the shoe becoming a certified classic. 

Cam’ron x Reebok Question // 2018 

Killa Cam, hustler, grinder, gorilla true. 

Dipset’s own Killa Cam added his flavor to Iverson’s iconic silhouette. The pair was treated in an all-grey suede upper as a purple camouflage made its way onto the toe box, the heel, and a matching purple outsole.

Details were second to none on this pair as The Diplomats’ logo was on the tongue and the legendary flip phone made its way onto the heel where AI’s “3” normally stood. 

Reebok Question “Heart Over Hype” // 2018

The Heart over  Hype embodies Allen Iverson to the tee. Before gracing the hardwood, Iverson and his ability, commitment,  and stature were questioned heavily. AI would soon blow by expectations and completely change the game — both on and off the court.

The Heart Over Hype colorway is the perfect homage as the Question arrives in an even bolder look. 

LQQK Studio x Reebok Question // 2020

Brooklyn’s LQQK Studio took the Question into its own hands and ran with it. The hand-dyed leather upper in indigo wasn’t the end of it. The LQQK Studio tongue tag arrives in a red, white and blue striped look (or LQQK).

The slightly dyed midsole and the Hexalite windows and outsole had an aggressive blue composition. The collaborative pair once again exemplified how Iverson, Reebok, and the Question could transcend sport and fashion with ease. 

Reebok Question “Boktober Ankle Reaper” // 2020

Ankles beware! 

Reebok and its heritage basketball models got festive as a Halloween-themed pack arrived with all treats and no tricks. Well, maybe a crossover or two. The “Boktober Ankle Reaper” was constructed in a light bone hue with a tearaway upper that oozed with color as autumn tones were hidden beneath.

Inspired by AI’s soul-catching crossovers and ankle-killing handles, the pair was a different interpretation of AI’s game. 

Reebok Question “OG Meets OG” // 2020

It’s not often two legendary guards come together on one shoe — especially not from different brands. AI and James Harden teamed up for the perfect backcourt as the Question served as a canvas for the then-Houston Rockets guard.

The premium materials and the killer crossover of the Harden logo on the heel embraced the Question’s heritage along with capturing The Beard’s own legacy. 

Reebok Question “Origins” // 2020

Everyone who knows and loves AI is familiar with the Georgetown Hoyas. Iverson’s alma mater was the source of inspiration on the colorway as the smooth design delved into another important aspect of the Iverson legacy. 

Eric Emanuel x Reebok Question “Pink Toe” // 2020

Eric Emanuel and his Reebok partnership went to new heights as the artist, and the brand teamed up on the most recognized model in pop-culture and basketball. EE went a different route than past collaborators as the pair adopted a “Pink Toe” with an icy blue touch to accompany the all-white upper. 

Reebok Question “Street Sleigh” // 2020

Santa traded in his sleigh for a dirt bike, thanks to the Reebok crew. Merging the Iverson legacy of the Question and Reebok’s rich history within bike culture, the aggressive look on the Question was the perfect mix of chaos and tradition executed like only Reebok knows how. 

Reebok Question “Write Your Own Story” // 2020

Although ‘Bok and AI have a plethora of stories to work off on, sometimes the most important story behind the sneaker is that of the owner. The all-white pair with an iced bottom serves as a canvas for customization or letting personality show through scuffs, creases, and stains. 

Hot Ones x Reebok Question Mid // 2021

Sean Evans and his Hot Ones show just got hotter thanks to the Question. The particular shade of red used on the pair redefined heat. Other details from the chicken wings making their way onto the insole and even the box that also includes a cool glass of milk. The storytelling on this pair is so good that it’ll have you licking your fingers (hopefully, not literally).

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