Terry Rozier Says the Vision for PUMA Basketball is ‘Crazy’

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Helping to usher in the new era of PUMA Basketball in the NBA, Celtics guard Terry Rozier is one of the select group of players that will be hooping in the Clyde Court Disrupt next season. Rozier is quite excited to be part of the PUMA family, especially since the plans for their basketball line are “crazy.”

According to Rozier, the vision for PUMA’s basketball line is much different than their competitors. In fact, according to Rozier, the main reason he signed with PUMA was that their differentness perfectly fits him.

From Rozier’s interview with GQ:

Puma, they just started. They brought me in for a meeting. I seen the shoes and I’m like, “Okay, this is dope.” I seen their vision and the crazy stuff they wanna do. I’m like, this is me. We under Adidas and Nike. Them the two favorites. We can do some even more crazier stuff. We got leeway to do crazy.

It will be interesting to see how crazy Rozier and PUMA get on the court. But with the NBA reportedly lifting color restrictions on sneakers this season, anything is fair game and it sounds like Rozier can’t wait to take advantage.

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