Spike Lee Shines a Light on A Tribe Called Quest’s Grammy Performance With Custom Air Jordan 1’s

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A Tribe Called Quest openly rebelled against the ills of the world during their much discussed Grammy performance earlier this week. The performance heard around the world, where words like “Resist” and “Agent Orange” rallied the like-minded, struck a chord with many. Brother in arms Spike Lee got the message loud and clear, and honored Tribe with custom Air Jordan 1’s.

Re-purposing his “BHM” Air Jordan 1’s, Lee wrote the aforementioned terms shouted loudly by band leader Q-Tip and Native Tongue affiliate Busta Rhymes onto his blacked-out 1’s in explicit white and red script. Removed from the Wings logo and simply stated with Vachetta Tan Swoosh branding, these statement customs are truly indicative of Lee’s equally rights thoughtfulness often visualized through film.

What do you think of Spike Lee’s customs? Grab a better look below and share your thoughts.

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