Salehe Bembury and ANTA Blend Aesthetic and Performance with the SB-01 and SB-02

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Salehe Bembury and ANTA officially announce the collaborative effort featuring two original silhouettes. The renowned footwear designer, known for his work with Yeezy, Verace, and recently New Balance, honed in on his craft of tooling and visuals for the SB-01 and SB-02.

The latest collaboration with ANTA is a work of art engineered for performance. The silhouettes include all-new technology “ANTA Nest” inspired by Bembury’s hikes. He was fascinated with the idea that one twig is weak, but when multiplied and intertwined, a powerful structure is born.

Both the SB-01 ($120) and the SB-02 ($90) are tailored for the trail as their respective designs stay true to the ANTA brand while dig Bembury’s sought after influence. In addition to that, Bebury made sure an attainable price point was achieved as a part of this collaborative effort.

“I challenged both Anta and myself to create a successful sneaker for under $100. Often sneakers that are below $100…look like it,” Bembury said. “The SB-02 addresses all of these usually ignored low price point product details while keeping it’s retail price at $90.”

In addition to achieving a comfortable price point, the collection goes beyond the typical construct of a collaboration that usually entails a minor change, a merging of logos, and an elevation of materials. Salehe and ANTA wanted more.

Often, collaborations are simply a recolor or re-fabrication. Being given the opportunity to create new silhouettes and technology from scratch was not an easy task. I thought it was important to balance innovation with familiarity.

The SB-01 and SB-02 is an effort at introducing the consumer to a new sportswear brand and design language while maintaining the relationship they have with sneakers.

Salehe Bembury

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