Roblox Launches Digital NIKELAND Community

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While the concept of the Metaverse has been a longtime sci-fi fantasy that seemed more far-fetched than not, it appears that we may be living in a multi-dimensional universe sooner than we thought. Earlier this month, legal watchdogs noticed that Nike filed for trademark rights that would protect their company name and logo in the Metaverse. Further analysis of the paperwork revealed that Nike has intentions of delivering virtual sneakers, virtual retail experiences, and downloadable virtual goods.

Nike wasted no time getting in on the Metaverse action as it was announced today that Roblox launched NIKELAND, an immersive Metaverse experience where Roblox players can connect, create, share experiences, and compete in a digital realm.

The NIKELAND backdrop mimics Nike’s expansive real-life headquarters. The different buildings and fields within NIKELAND are used as arenas for the Roblox community to compete in mini-games. For its initial launch, Roblox players can find themselves in games such as tag, dodgeball, and even the floor is lava. NIKELAND comes complete with its own signature tool kit that allows players to easily create their very own mini-game concepts using interactive sports material.

Roblox and NIKELAND blur the lines between fantasy and reality with features that translate offline activity to online play. Using the accelerometers on your mobile device, you’ll be able to move your body in real-life and transfer the movement to NIKELAND, making for game-winning tricks like long jumps or speed runs.

For those that find themselves with limitless creativity, you can expect to be rewarded with blue ribbons and gold medals for competing, building your yard, exploring, and finding Easter eggs. With blue ribbons, you’ll be able to get more building materials for your yard. Meanwhile gold medals allow you to unlock virtual goods for your avatar.

Gamers will even have access to a digital showroom that allows you to dress your NIKELAND avatar with exclusive Nike products. Of course Nike classics like the Air Force 1 and Nike Blazer will be available, but for those looking for the latest and greatest, new drops like Air Force 1 Fontanka and the Air Max 2021 are other options to consider. Even fan favorites like the ACG and Nike Tech Pack can be found in NIKELAND’s digital showroom. However, you’ll definitely want to keep your eye out for official Roblox colorways, which have already made an appearance on the Nike Mercurial Football Boot.

To bring the Metaverse full circle, Nike has plans to bring the immersive Roblox experience to life at Nike’s House of Innovation in New York City. In partnership with Snapchat, people will have the chance to experience NIKELAND IRL by way of a special Snapchat lens. Through the lens, shoppers will be able to explore the kids’ floor in an augmented reality version of NIKELAND. Everything from Roblox’s signature avatars to the NIKELAND mini-games and Easter eggs will be available to experience.

The NIKELAND experience is available now in the Roblox Metaverse and is free to visit and experience. Head over to Roblox to learn more and get started.

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