Rist Footwear Provides Luxury at An Affordable Price

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As diversity in footwear continues to expand, and crowd sourcing platforms become more instrumental in young designers fulfilling their dreams, the industry is exalted with exciting new brands like Rist. Founded on clean aesthetics, quality and affordability, Rist and its founder Shawn Soares aim to straddle that ever fading line that teeters on both luxury and accessibility.

Designed Stateside yet manufactured by a handpicked team of artisans in Naples, Italy, Rist aims to offer opulence at prices the average consumer can manage. Utilizing premium calf skin leather, cowskin lining and a unique signature gold cut out at the rear of each shoe, the versatile first collection transitions easy from day to night and moves seamlessly from dressy to casual.

With their direct to consumer model – a trend growing increasing more popular for emerging brands like such – Rist keeps cost within a very feasible realm at $185 with their early bird Kickstarter offer (debut model comes with $265 price tag). Give their first collection a look below and support this impressive new brand here.

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