RIP Bots?: Nike Introduces New RSVP Policies

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The terms “auto-cop” or “robo-cop” were made part of sneaker slang years ago on NikeTalk and other shoe forums, but the terms took on a new meaning in the past year that Nike introduced its Twitter RSVP system. Several sites, whom we choose not to mention, offer a service for hire to automatically secure an RSVP via twitter or even purchase shoes directly from Though Nike took several steps to combat the bots, workarounds were coded.

Nike created these systems to give everyone a fair chance and a safer alternative to camping in lineups. With the RSVP bots, it became a business of who had more money to game the system, rather than a level playing field. In many instances, Twitter RSVPs and online sales were booked in seconds – something humanly impossible.

Today, Nike has updated their policies and issued this statement on their website,

We believe in a level playing field for product launches on That’s why we don’t authorize the use of automation or scripting methods intended to offer any shopper an unfair advantage. If we determine that an order was placed using one of these methods, we may refuse or cancel the order.

In addition to this statement, Nike has taken several steps to make things fairer for customers and friendlier for everyone:

Twitter RSVP is used to help manage product launches at Nike Stores. Nike’s intent is to make this a fair and fun process for all Twitter RSVP participants. In attempt to deliver a safe and level playing field, Nike reserves the right to ban any users who make threats, harass or attempt to cheat the system by opting into programs that provide them an unfair advantage.

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