Retailers Selling Jordan 11/12 CDP EARLY

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Golden Rule of highly anticipated releases: Know where, when, how much a shoe will cost, and how the store will handle the release in regards to crowd control.

We have received some emails from readers as well as even some from stores hoping for free plug of publicity that they will be selling their Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Packages early rather than holding them to the official drop day of Saturday, December 20th.

While we are not going to say what is right and what isn’t (independent businesses can do as they please), make sure that if you want the Jordan 11/12 CDP that you get a clear answer from your local spot when they will release the shoes, how much the shoes will be, and if they are doing anything to deal with crowds such as wristbands, lottery, or anything else like that.

Word on the street is that the Jordan 11/12 CDP will be shipping sometime this week and arriving to retailers soon. What a store owner does with their shoes is up to them like it or not. Find out from your local spot what’s the 411 so you don’t freeze your butt off only to come home empty handed on the 20th.

This has been a PSA from your favorite sneaker news source. 🙂

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