Reebok’s First Pitch is Giving Consumers The Power to Create

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Reebok recently announced its latest platform that aims to reduce waste while prioritizing what the consumer wants to see from the historic brand. The newly launched First Pitch program is formed by creatives who cook up products that are then voted on by consumers. The shoe will start at $1 and will go up until its designated retail price as every commitment adds another dollar to the shoe.

The idea is simple. Before we even make a shoe, how ’bout you tell us if you like it first? If you do, we’ll make it in its full unique glory. And if you don’t? We scrap it. The decision is 100% yours.

We’ll release a product proposal for 30 days on the First Pitch platform. This is your chance to check out the shoe and commit if you’re into it. The shoe starts at $1 and will go up $1 with each commitment until it hits retail price.

Our goal is 500 pairs minimum. If we can’t reach that demand in 30 days, we ditch it and try again.

First Pitch kicks off with the Reebok Classic Leather “Bee Keeper” which opens on August 10. Take a look at the picture below, and learn more about the platform here.

Reebok Classic Leather “Bee Keeper”

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