Botter Brings Its Caribbean Couture to Reebok with a New 3D-Printed Sneaker

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Mixing influences and its self-proclaimed Caribbean Couture, Botter brings cross-cultural patterns to Reebok with a new sneaker. Creating something from nothing, Botter partnered with HP to 3D-print the concept sneaker.

Inspired by the Caribbean Sea, Botter blends the seasonal elements of winter and summer into one by embracing earthy tones with acid colors of corals and deep sea emeralds. The concept sneaker gets its abstract appearance from the Murex seashell used by the Greek Goddess Venus to comb her hair. The core of the shape is an evolution of the first Botter “Banker” shoe that was designed in 2017, with a Reebok football boot silhouette used as the basis to create from.

The unusual silhouette was created in collaboration with HP using its latest 3D-printing technology to engineer the free-flowing sneaker. HP and Botter made the decision to use 3D-Printing in order to set a new precedent for sneakers and to further prioritize innovation, sustainability, and luxury.

As of now, there’s no official word as to whether or not the Botter x Reebok Sneaker will be releasing, but updates can be found on our Sneaker Release Dates page. Take a look at the sneaker below and follow @NiceDrops on Instagram.

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