Q&A With Kader Sylla On His Upcoming adidas Superstar ADV

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Kader Sylla has been making waves in the skateboarding world since breaking into the foray with Baker. After announcing that he’s joining the adidas Skateboarding team back in April 2021, the now 19-year-old pro skater has his name on the iconic adidas Superstar. We discussed his Superstar, why he chose adidas, and what’s come in 2022 for the skater.

NK: There was a free agency period for you before signing with adidas Skateboarding, what made you ultimately decide to ride for the 3 Stripes?

Mostly my friends and family. I don’t usually make a big decision like that without discussing it with them. But mainly it was the feeling of the shoes. When I was trying all the different shoes I just kept coming back to the Superstar— just felt a lot better to me.

NK: What is it like to be riding for adidas with such a stacked team with the likes of Tyshawn, Suciu, Gonz, and more?

I’m definitely stoked to be with everyone! I’ve been on some teams with Tyshawn and Suciu so we’ve skated and hung out before. But not so much the rest of the team so definitely some fun times ahead.

NK: Are you particular about your skate shoes? Outside of comfort, what’s the most important factor when it comes to a good skate shoe?

Outside of comfort, I would say boardfeel. I say that for obvious reasons — I feel like you need to feel every part of your board to feel comfortable enough to grind rails or anything else like that.

NK: How long was the process to get this Superstar from idea to final product? What’s your favorite detail on the sneaker?

It actually didn’t take too long to get it done. I had about four of the best shoe designers with me so it didn’t take long at all to come up with the idea. My favorite detail was probably my name in gold because every time I see that it gives me a good feeling of accomplishment for real.

NK: What can we expect from Kader Sylla in 2022?

You can expect more video parts, photos in magazines, purple Superstars. Gonna stay on track and make sure these next few years, I kill it.

The Kader Sylla x adidas Skateboarding Superstar ADV is set to drop on March 5th via adidas.com and at adidas Skateboarding skateshops for $100. Thanks to Kader for taking the time to talk to us.

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