Puma Disc Blaze and First Round “Tetris Pack”

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Puma’s lab created something incredible with the Puma Disc System. For decades, slip-on and laceless sneakers had been available, but the age old problem was getting them to stay on your feet. The Disc Blaze was the solution to the dilemma. As one turns the Disc, the shoe tightens to the wearer’s foot, but its patented locking system prevented the shoe from losing the support. The invention was such a success that Puma used it in other sneakers including ones designed for tennis and cross training.

The Disc Blaze returns in colors and patterns one would have expected to see in 1992 when the shoe original debuted. Coming along for the ride is a pair of the First Rounds which have also made a big return in the past year. The collection is dubbed the “Tetris Pack” because of the geometric shapes in a repeating patter on the sneaker.

The Puma “Tetris Pack” has just started arriving at retail doors for release, but one color up of the Disc Blaze and the First Round was made available online at Puma.com.

Puma “Tetris Pack” – Disc Blaze

Puma “Tetris Pack” – First Round

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