Police Inviting Sneaker Meetups to Take Place at Police Stations

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Recently, The Shoe Game ran a great story about a New York police chief inviting sneaker meetups to take place in the lobby of their police station. This invitation for a safer meetup location followed news of a robbery related to a sneaker meetup, with a teen involved now facing 25 years behind bars for his actions.

“If you think you’re going to do something like that, come in do it in the lobby at the police department,” Colonie, NY police chief Steve Heider told CBS 6 Albany. “The person that has an illegitimate reason behind it probably won’t show up.”

Following the news, Ray P from TSG followed up with his local Las Vegas Police Department to see if the same offer was extended, which they confirmed it was. We’re happy to say that after talking to representatives from the Austin, TX Police Department that the invitation holds true here, too.

With all the holiday releases scheduled over the next month and plenty of people looking to pick up a pair or sell off some stock, it’s good to keep in mind that you can do sneaker meetups at an ultra-safe place like the lobby of a police station. It’s important that whenever you meetup to do a transaction with a stranger that the place is very public and that you go with a friend. Generally speaking, if the other party won’t meet at a public location, tries to change the location last minute, or deletes their profile, odds are it’s shady business and not worth the risk. Big ups to the police stations that are looking out for the people and sneaker community this way. Safe and smart shopping, buying, selling and trading to all this holiday season.

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