Phillies Blunt Adidas Superstars

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Phillies Cigars made their name with low cost cigars but one of their products, the “Blunt” could easily be unrolled, gutted, and transformed into another vehicle of entertainment. Couple that with flavored tobacco and you have a convenience store classic.

Phillies Blunt was also the inspiration behind the latest “themed” Adidas Superstars. Besides the obvious color inspiration, Adidas took things a step further transforming the tongue logo to a parody of the Phillies Blunt logo as well as texturizing the leather to look like tobacco.

No word yet on release date or availability, but we will keep you in the loop with any updates. Pics thanks to Crooked Tongues.

Phillies Blunt Adidas Superstars

Phillies Blunt Adidas Superstars

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