Performance Review: adidas adiZero Rose 2

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Way back in October, the adidas adiZero Rose 2 made for one of the most remarkable unboxing events in recent memory. Readers were won over by the daring design, lux detailing, and MVP star power unseen on a Three Stripe signature since the days of Kobe and T-Mac. A pause in play left the sneaker world wondering if the visual breakthrough would make the same splash in performance. Testing new technology like a gore-ankle strap and a progressive cut, we put the latest Rose signature to work on the court. Read on to see how they did.

Lockdown: The gore-ankle strap is regal in design but lackluster in lockdown. Granted, it provides a snug fit up top, but a short tongue prevents the needed pull to secure the toe box and forefoot. This results in a clumsy fit on an otherwise exceptional shoe.

Traction: Like the other adidas models on the market, traction is not a problem. The Rose 2 performs well indoors and outdoors with little to any slipping thanks to a thick outsole that’s built to last. With that said, they won?t save you from a dusty gym.

Cushioning: The adiZero Rose 2 feels good on the foot. Stacked higher and firmer than other adiZero models, the cushioning stands out but doesn?t amaze like certain sneakers. What they lack in ?ahh? factor is made up for in consistency as the comfort holds up on court with no signs of bottoming out.

Responsiveness: Lockdown issues put a damper on this category. Good cushioning and solid structure would otherwise make responsiveness a strong point, but fit issues drag it down.

Support: As eluded, support is solid. As expected, the lockdown issues bring down this quality too. Pinching caused by the strap hampers ankle support while sturdiness slumps due to a spacious toe box.

Breathability: Sprint web structure and synthetic leather combine contrasting styles from a breathability standpoint. The end result is an average rank that gets it done but doesn?t ?wow? like the Crazy Light.

Durability: For all the criticism (that really just stems from fit), this is where the Rose 2 shines. After multiple runs both indoors and outdoors they still look brand new. Rarely does a shoe this beautifully built retain its appearance. If you?re in it for the long haul, you?ll love these.

All in all, the adidas adiZero Rose 2 is a good shoe. It?s remarkably durable, gorgeous in design, and well cushioned. The problem is the fit. Players looking for a classy kick on and off the court will be pleased by comfort and the lifespan. Players seeking a snug and secure fit will be let down by the nagging need for adjustments.

What Derrick Rose will do in them is still yet to be seen. Do the lockdown issues stem from structuring around Rose?s Speed Wraps? Perhaps. The Brand with Three Stripes and the player donning the three letters are on the right track and are certainly raising the taste level in a field dominated by synthetic sneakers. Expect the Rose line to get better with time and be a major player for years to come.

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