Performance Review: adidas adiZero Rose 2.5

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Following in the shiny footsteps of the Armani suit-ready Rose 2, the adidas adiZero Rose 2.5 slashes both flash and weight in favor of form and fundamentals. The slimmed down ?light spike? is set to propel Derrick Rose into the playoffs, but do they really provide an upgrade? We put the second half signature to the test, so check out our adidas adiZero Rose 2.5 performance review.

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Lockdown: Fans frustrated by the short tongue or gore-ankle strap on the Rose 2 will love the Rose 2.5. GEOFIT foam fits soft but supportive around the ankle, pairing perfectly with a long mesh tongue. This addition, matched with a slimmer silo, boosted lockdown by a long shot, though some wiggle room still persists.

Traction: What?s harder than staying in front of Derrick Rose? Stopping when he stops. The brand with Three Stripes scores another high rank in traction avoiding any gimmicks and keeping it simple. From the black top to the hardwood and all the way back, these held their own even on a dusty court.

Cushioning: Is it possible to achieve top-notch court feel with soft, cushy comfort? It?s difficult. While the adiZero line ranks high in court feel (a high priority for almost any player that?s reliant on speed or first step), it doesn?t pack that must-wear comfort that makes you want to keep them on after you?re done hooping. At the end of the day, this is a performance plus, but it also makes them more of a casual can?t.

Responsiveness: The unsung hero on the adiZero Rose 2.5 is really the Sprint Frame construction. When laced up tight, the frame feels like a diving board, propelling explosive push offs both upward and outward. Still, the slight amount of slip keeps these from being a perfect five.

Support:?Sound structure and good fit lead to a solid support grade.?The higher cut and GEOFIT foam is a definite improvement in this area on the 2.5, as opposed to the lower cut and gore-ankle strap that sometimes pinched and slipped on the 2.0.?I felt stable moving in all directions, which led to confidence on both sides of the ball.

Breathability: More padding means slightly sweatier feet than playing in the comparable Ghost or Crazy Light. However, the stitched Sprint Web plates and slimmer build makes for a breathability edge over its predecessor.

Durability: Dubbed the light spike signature, a trimmed down top doesn?t mean these will break down after a race. I ran in these indoors and outdoors with little-to-no signs of wear and no bending or breaking in performance. These are definitely capable for all levels of competition and court types, but a slight edge goes to the 2.0 in this category.

Overview: After playing in both the Rose 2 and the Rose 2.5, I can honestly say the latter is a much better basketball shoe. While letter grade may not reflect massive leaps, the slimmed silo and change in cut made these lighter and more stable than the very lux but sometimes-problematic predecessor. Though this model is dubbed the next step in the Rose line, I really see it as an evolved Crazy Light. The cons of the Crazy Light are called out with improved padding around the ankle and toe box, while complementing the core composition that made the sneaker a critical and commercial success. The only thing this shoe lacks is that ?it? factor that pushed other silos to an A grade. There?s no game-changing attribute that makes these a must, but just the same, they possess no major flaws that will force you to change your own game. I?d definitely recommend these not only for the die-hard Rose fan looking to support their favorite player and live their own hoop dreams, but also for the explosive guard that runs and jumps with the best of them.

The adidas adiZero Rose 2.5 is now available at Shop adidas.

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