Performance Review: adidas adiZero Crazy Light 2

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Adidas Basketball?has slashed the scales once again. Coming in at only 9.5 ounces, the Crazy Light 2 is both lighter and stronger than the Crazy Light 1. Built to serve guards and big men alike, does the sequel perform better than?the original??Find out in this Performance Review.

Lockdown:?During my first wear in these I could already tell they fit better than the original. Snugger and stronger, the Crazy Light 2 makes huge leaps in the category that kept down the Crazy Light 1. Not only that, they broke in better too. Though excess room was cut behind, these still pinch some when wearing.

Traction: No complaints here. The Crazy Light 2 did the job on both the hardwood and concrete court, keeping tread over weeks of hooping. Even after running them in the Texas heat, they still held up when returning indoors, wearing well when transitioning surfaces. No slips or sticks on offense or defense to report.

Cushioning: Lack of cushioning is the biggest weakness on this shoe. Though this attribute helps in the responsiveness and weight departments, it makes for a more uncomfortable wear than top tier competitors. Don’t get me wrong, the cushioning isn?t poor enough to disrupt anyone?s game, it just doesn?t impress.

Responsiveness: There?s really no lag time on the Crazy Light 2. The improvements in lockdown and lack of weight are apparent in this area and leave no frustration when playing. Still, the small flaws in comfort and fit keep the shoe from being a perfect five.

Support: I was coming off an ankle injury when playing in the Crazy Light 1s. For being lightweight they held up well, but they weren?t strong. The Crazy Light 2 is strong. They tie tight around the ankle and are thorough all around the foot, proving consistent on balance. Some guards like myself might prefer a lower or more flexible model, but these still get it done. It should also help a lot for post players that felt too big for the original.

Breathability: The only area where the Crazy Light 2 downgrades is breathability. Yes, the original was near perfect in this category, but the changes in construction hug the foot tighter and seal the windows so to speak. Do the updates make for a better total package? Absolutely. But with that said, it does make for a sweatier shoe.

Durability: For being the lightest basketball shoe on the market, the Crazy Light 2 sure is tough. These held up great indoors and outdoors and even proved strong when transitioning back and forth between the two surfaces. It?s hard for me to imagine the Crazy Light 2 upper ripping, nor the sole or support giving out. This proves a major improvement from the original that will add to the longevity of this model.

Overview: Make no mistake, the Crazy Light 2 is much better than the Crazy Light 1. It is more supportive than the original and improved in nearly every category. Sharing the same grade as its predecessor speaks only on the entire industry getting better, which is exactly what Crazy Light line aims to do. After well over a month of hooping in the Crazy Light 2, I can attest that they hold up and handle well. As intended, the shoe is strong enough to be worn by forwards and light enough to propel guards. Hoopers that prioritize staying light while relying on support will love these. Players that prefer a lower cut or softer cushioning may favor another model. All in all, the Crazy Light 2 is a solid and dependable purchase for summer hoops that will fulfill the needs of most players.

The Crazy Light 2 is available now at Shop adidas.

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