Patrick Ewing

The Mecca of basketball, New York City needed a savior, and Patrick Ewing was almost its knight in shining armor. In addition to being one of the most prolific NCAA players of all time, Ewing in the eyes of many sports writers is the reason that the NBA created a draft lottery in 1985. To keep teams from intentionally losing games, David Stern and the NBA executive posse instituted a draft lottery which the Knicks infamously won on their home turf in 1985. Ewing was the most highly touted player in his class dropping over 2,000 points and snaring over 1,000 boards during his 4 years as a Hoya. Following his NCAA National championship, which proved to be his only title college or pro in 1984, Ewing helped make the Nike terminator a staple across division I universities sporting the Grey/Blue Hoyas colorway.

Following the Knicks stroke of ?luck? in the 1985 lottery, Ewing had big shoes to fill assuming the spotlight in the world?s most famous arena. Ewing inked with Adidas, and sported the three stripes during his first year with the Knicks in which he took home rookie of the year honors. After three short years, and only two signature shoes with Adidas, Ewing decided to make his name a brand in and of itself. Much like the young cat out of North Carolina drafted the year before him, Pat formed Ewing Athletics Ltd. and introduced the EWINGS. Ewing?s sales numbers could never match those of his 16 All-star seasons however. While his brand never took off like MJ?s, the Ewing Rogue II did enjoy a small cult following in NY. Following 15 hall of fame seasons in New York, Ewing set sails for Seattle and eventually Orlando. There he was represented by Nike, but never again did he enjoy his own signature shoe nor the lime light that he received in the Garden.

Nike Terminator ‘85

Adidas Attitude Hi ’86

Adidas Conductor hi ’88


EWING Rogue ’90

Nike Holsitic Ewing PE ’01