On Running Introduces New Performance Sneaker Made from Carbon Emissions

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Swiss sports brand On Running introduces their latest advancement in sustainable footwear, the Cloudprime. The all-new running sneaker is the first of its kind as it’s made from carbon emissions.

In an effort to move away from petroleum-based resources, On began to develop the concept for the Cloudprime. In the process, On teamed up with LanzaTech and Borealis to cultivate a new foam material called CleanCloud.

The technology works by capturing carbon monoxide emitted from industrial sources before the toxins are released into the atmosphere. Once captured, these emissions enter a patented fermentation process. Thanks to naturally occuring bacteria, the carbon rich gas ferments naturally and is converted to ethanol. This natural fermentation process is similar to conventional alcohol production; like brewing beer for example. The ethanol is then dehydrated to create ethylene by Technip Energies, which is then polymerized by Borealis to become EVA in a form of solid small plastic pellets — the versatile and lightweight material that On starts working with to create a performance foam for shoes.

On is the first footwear company ever to use carbon emissions as raw material. The sustainable EVA foam is the foundation of the Cloudprime’s midsole, but the material the could also be used for other shoe parts and products in the future.

To further enhance the Cloudprime’s sustainability features, On partnered with eco-friendly startup Novoloop on the CleanCloud outsole. Novoloop manufactured the world’s first chemically upcycled TPU from post-consumer plastic waste. The CleanCloud outsole was put to the test, and even under rigorous lab examinations and athlete feedback — the CleanCloud outsole held up.

In addition to getting rid of fossil derived TPUs, On also invited new French startup Fairbrics to create a polyester-based textile made from carbon emissions to construct the upper.

The On Running Cloudprime will be available soon. While we wait for official release info, take a look at the sneaker below and follow @NiceDrops on Twitter.

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