Nike’s Air Force 1 High “The Bund” is an Ode to Shanghai Landmark

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Nike regional exclusives are nothing new. They’ve been around for decades; beloved by many and hated by those not in said region. These exclusives represent the uniqueness of some of the world’s brightest cities and what resonates with its locals. Recently, there’s been an emphasis on Shanghai, touting the importance of its large population of sneaker purists with high taste.

Following the city’s Chinese New Year “Nai Ke” exclusive Air Force 1 last year, its successor honors the glowing metropolitan’s worldly landmark — The Bund.

Nike Air Force 1 High "The Bund"
Nike Air Force 1 High “The Bund”

A waterfront that makes way for a view of the astonishing city comes to life through this sneaker. By way of an iridescent Swoosh and matching top strap, the lively glow of the city sparks intrigue with the Air Force 1 as a vessel. Like all China exclusives, embossed characters representing “Nai Ke” stamp the heel in an ode to the shoe’s cultural foundation. In greater context, the strap and accompanying Swoosh are representative of the gleaming Bund skyline when nightfall lay atop the city.

The Nike Air Force 1 High “The Bund” will release exclusively in China starting at Shanghai’s Yo’Hood convention on August 31.

Nike Air Force 1 High "The Bund"
Nike Air Force 1 High “The Bund”

Source: @kookieshk

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