Nike and Virgil Join Forces For New Book – ICONS “Something’s Off”

When Nike initially teamed up with Virgil Abloh to release “The Ten”, they took the world by storm. Capturing the minds of fans everywhere, they have since become one of the most prominent collaborative powerhouses in fashion history. From shoes & clothes, to art & music, Nike & Virgil team up to now bring us ICONS “Something’s Off”.

A fan of physical cataloging, ICONS acts as an archive, showcasing the processes which went into creating an iconic collection. Abloh calls it “a printed documentary of the @Off___White@Nike project” in an Instagram post announcing the dynamic retrospective book. Nike’s press release reads, “ICONS explores how the partnership works to unify all the intangible cultural threads connected to sneakers”. It provides an intricate look into the creative process that Abloh & his team went through while working with Nike – something that not many people get the chance to witness. A series of artifacts are found throughout the book, including text contributions from Hiroshi Fujiwara, Troy Patterson & Glenn Adamson.

The depth that this book goes into paints a beautiful picture of why this collaboration was and is so revered. We can’t wait to get our hands on it and see it add to our ever-growing appreciation of the pair. Zak Group, who have done the art direction & designing, have truly produced a masterpiece showcasing a historic collaboration’s development.

Releasing January 22nd for $70, Abloh mentioned a number of Black-owned bookshops where copies are available from today. Preceding a wider release on February 5th, expect to see the book available on SNKRS, Off-White™, and Canary Yellow from the 22nd. Tune in to a special edition of SNKRS Live on January 15th, hosted by Abloh, for a deeper look. Until then, keep it locked in with Nice Kicks for the latest from the sneaker world! Hopefully we will have more from Nike & Abloh in the near future…

Nike x Virgil Abloh – ICONS “Something’s Off”

Initial Release: January 22, 2021
Wider release: February 5, 2021
Price: $70 / €60

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