Nike Drops Its First NFT Sneaker Collection with RTFKT

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Since Nike officially acquired RTFKT back in December 2021, we’ve been patiently waiting for the duo to drop. The moment is finally here as the pair introduces the RTFKT x Nike CRYPTOKICKS.

The CRYPTOKICKS project first began when RTFKT dropped a mysterious metallic cube titled “MNLTH.” The cube was marked with a Nike Swoosh, teasing NFT collectors about an upcoming release. Since the release of MNLTH, the owners of the NFT have been asked to complete a journey that requires them to accomplish quests under the direction of RTFKT. Upon completion of the journey, the MNLTH cube’s contents would be revealed – ultimately leading up to the discovery of the Nike CRYPTOKICKS.

For their first CRYPTOKICKS drop, the release centers around the Nike Dunk Genesis, a digital upgrade of the classic Dunk silhouette. Each Nike Dunk Genesis is customizable with 8 different skins made by RTFKT. The skin vial was also included in the MNLTH cube. Over time, the NFT owners will be able to collect, evolve, and breed CRYPTOKICKS skins.

The RTFKT x Nike CRYPTOKICKS series is the first of many digital launches that are soon to come in the near future. A new collection may be available as soon as next month. Many of the virtual RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis sneakers are currently listed on, with certain listings reaching as high as 55 ETH, which converts to roughly $158,649 USD. For more Nike updates and sneaker release dates, follow @NiceKicks on Instagram.

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