Nick Young Talks Move to adidas, “FACTS” & New Shoes at Nice Kicks DTLA

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Last season, Kicks On Court superstar and Los Angeles Lakers swingman Nick Young made waves when he made the move from Nike to adidas. Since swapping logos, Swaggy P has remained one of if not the most relevant players in the league when it comes to fashion on and off the court. Rotating retros from Kobe and Gil’s days with The Three Stripes while also breaking out new models, Young will endorse the adidas Crazy Explosive in a very clean triple-white take.

Toting his own logo on the tongue, the shoe was celebrated with an in-store event at Nice Kicks DTLA with fans lining up around the corner to get a pic with P. We had the chance to catch up with Nick to hear about his new shoe, the shoutout in “FACTS,” how adidas has been treating him so far and why the other fresh players should join him with the Three Stripes.

If you want to be with a brand that is not all up in your wardrobe.  Not all in your business with what’s in your closet. Come to the Three Stripes!

Nice Kicks: Back when you made the move, what were some of the things that drew you to adidas?

Nick Young: I just needed a change. I’d been on the other side for a long time — I don’t want to say the name. They weren’t taking care of me and I liked how adidas was taking care of their players and becoming more fashion forward and that’s the lane I thrive in. I thought it was the perfect fit.

Nice Kicks: You’ve always had a great relationship with Kobe. What are some of your favorite models from his run on adidas?

Nick Young: Of course the Crazy 8s. I liked the “Bullets” [Silver Kobe IIs]. I know a lot of people didn’t like those but I for sure had those. Of course I had the Pro Models growing up and the TMACs, too.

Nice Kicks: What was it like when Kanye dropped “FACTS” on New Years Eve? It had to be wild being mentioned with someone taking that big of a stance.

Nick Young: I felt like I was home. I did it, I arrived! Kanye said my name on a track, adidas…this is big time. I’m just happy I made that move. I couldn’t believe it though, especially on New Years. My friends were like, “You heard that Kanye song? He shouted you out!” I’m like, “Man, you lying trying to hype me up!” Then I heard it and it was dope.

Nice Kicks: What have been the best perks since joining adidas?

Nick Young: Having my own special shoe [his triple-white Crazy Explosive PE]. It’s like a dream come true. Like that’s me right there. Going to a shoe store and seeing your name. That’s big time. It’s a perk. You get shoutouts, you get Yeezys, you don’t have to wait in line!

Nice Kicks: Your shoe has the best of both worlds: Primeknit and Boost. If you had to pick one which one would you choose?

Nick Young: I might have to go with Boost, it makes your feet feel good. It’s the best.

Nice Kicks: Tell us about your clothing line Most Hated Players.

Nick Young: It’s gonna be dope. We’ve got a lot of clothes coming out. It’s a mindset, you gotta take it and run with it. Once you put it on you’ll feel like Scarface. [Laughs]

Nice Kicks: We’ve seen you do a lot with the all-white Ultra Boosts. Did that have something to do with this Crazy Explosive?

Nick Young: Yeah. It’s clean. I like the low top Ultra Boosts, I’d been wearing them all summer and told them I needed something all-white and they came and gave it to me.

Nice Kicks: We’ve got to ask about the tats on the right arm, we thought we’d never see it on the shooting arm based on what you said before. What happened?

Nick Young: I thought I wouldn’t either, I just got addicted to it. That day I said something when I was feeling myself, I like to talk. I need to get that tongue logo tatted on me cuz I’ve got a big mouth. [Laughs]

Nice Kicks: Lastly, we’ve seen adidas really stand with creators and take a different approach to sport. How does that fit in line with who you are as an athlete?

Nick Young: I think it fits perfect. That’s one of the reasons I came over. They give you the chance to be yourself over here. I like to dress nice, look nice, look clean and that’s what adidas is doing. They’re trying to build some shoes you could wear on and off the court.

[Laughs] If you want to be with a brand that is not all up in your wardrobe.  Not all in your business with what’s in your closet. Come to the Three Stripes!

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