Neon Money Club is Bringing Financial Literacy to the Sneaker Industry

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What if a SNKRS L could be turned into a financial W?

Neon Money Club is putting the sneaker industry on game as the company is merging stock market advice with streetwear flair & appeal. For NMC, investing is a lifestyle — much like sneakers & fashion.

The sneaker industry’s growth in the last few years have showcased the economic power within the industry. With 2023 being celebrated as the Jordan year, NMC is making sure that sneakerheads and enthusiasts are growing their investment portfolio as well as their sneaker collection.

In the last five years, Jordan Brand has made Nike $19 billion. So if Jordan Brand is making Nike money, it’s time for the sneaker industry consumers to make money for themselves.

For NMC, a loss can be turned into a gain with its Long Money approach. Didn’t Get ‘Em on release day? Invest that money that you already planned on spending into the S&P 500,  a collection of stocks from the biggest companies in the world and it has earned +41% over the past 5 years.

NMC is changing the narrative on sneakers and saving, ensuring that they’re not mutually exclusive but can work perfectly in unison.

Neon Money Club is the only digital club where growing your money is a lifestyle. For more information or to join the club, check out

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