My 5: Dan Levy’s Sneaker Rotation

Aug 16, 2011 | Ian Stonebrook |



Last year we introduced comedian Dan Levy to you as a celebrity sneakerhead that wasn?t a member of an XXL Freshman Class. Leave it to the funny man to drop a record on us. In the midst of his regular role on Chelsea Lately and finishing up his new album Congrats On Your Success, we caught up with Dan to hear what sneakers he?s wearing. As expected, the man with jokes is still rocking serious heat. Read on to see his current rotation.

Air Jordan 6 White/Infrared

Dan Levy: “I ended up finding them in New York. I love those shoes. I?ve got on this new kick where I?m starting to wear the shoes that I?d ever wear. The Infrared Pack I had locked up for a while, now I?ve just gotta wear them. I don?t like people not knowing the sneakers that I have! It?s like ‘what am I doing, I?m hiding my identity!’ When you wear a Jordan 6 people look twice.”


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