Remembering the “Last Shot”

Ten years ago this day, June 14, 1998, one of the greatest moments in NBA history occurred. With his team down one point and the ball in the Jazz’s possession, Michael Jordan single-handedly took control of the final moments that lead one of the defining moments of his career. Swatting like a panther, Jordan snatched the ball from a posted Karl Malone and drove the ball down the court as the time was clicking away along with the chances of coming away with a win. From just atop the 3-point arc, a hard drive to his right with a quick cut back leaves a defending Bryon Russell stumbling and remembered as the final person defeated in a one on one with MJ as a Bull. With only one chance to fire, Jordan seized the opportunity as his jumpshot went through the basket with 5.2 seconds left on the clock in what would be in final game wearing black and red.

For some of us, it seems like it was only yesterday that our eyes were peeled to the screen hearing Bob Costas and the NBC crew cover the epic moment in the history of Michael Jordan, the NBA, and the game of basketball. Ten years have passed from this unforgettable and memorable moment, but though the highlight reel has been seen numerous times, watching the legend never tires.

This day we dedicate to you Mr. Jordan for everything you have brought to sport fans, sneakerheads, and those who appreciate the will and determination to accomplish the unthinkable.

Thank you Mike for the memories.

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