Michael Jordan and Jeffrey Jordan Dropped Their Heir NFT Collection

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Michael Jordan and his son Jeffrey Jordan are getting into the NFT craze with the launch of Heir, “a next-generation holding company that builds culturally-inspired consumer brands rooted in tech and entertainment” according to their website.

The company was co-founded by Jeffery Jordan along with Daniel George, Limitless Creative founder, and Jeron Smith, former CEO and co-founder of Steph Curry’s Unanimous Media with the startup closing a $10.6 million seed funding round by Thrive Captial, the first entry into the NFT market for the VC firm. More funding came by way from Solana Ventures, with Alexis Ohanian, Lonzo Ball, and William Wesley aka World Wide Wes who’s the New York Knicks EVP and Senior Basketball Adviser as angel investors.

Heir works by having athletes and supports connect through Huddles, an exclusive experience by the blockchain that offers access to exclusive drops, access, and more.

The first launch takes inspiration from MJ’s 6 championships with the Chicago Bulls with Heir selling 5,005 Solana NFTs for 2.3 SOL, which equates to $221. Each holder of the NFT will be designated as a “founding fan” and will be given access to exclusive events and content such as Huddles mentioned earlier.

Heir is now live, with more information on heir.app.

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