Mac DeMarco’s VERY Well Worn VANS Authentics Sell on eBay for $21,100

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Singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco loves his Vans.  Especially this pair of Vans Authentics that he wore on the road for nearly 50 tour stops in seventeen countries last year.  At last it was time to part ways with the shoes, but DeMarco decided to do so in a charitable way listing them on eBay to benefit Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls where they sold for an amazing $21,100.

Mac DeMarco gave the left shoe his signature of approval to make the pair of shoes extra special for a fan of this up and coming artist, answered some hilarious bidder questions, and even uploaded a “smell test” video to verify that the shoe’s odor didn’t smell as bad as some might have thought.

If you are looking for a NEW pair of the Vans Authentics Mac DeMarco wore throughout his tour last year, you can scoop a pair today direct from for $45.

Side note: Mac DeMarco must not be a newbie sneakerhead as his auction would have potentially listed the shoe’s condition as “VVVVVVNDS” (shouts to Corgi).

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Mac DeMarco’s WORN Vans Authentics sold for $21,100 on eBay

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