A Letter from the New Editor-In-Chief

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What’s going on, world? For those that don’t know, my name is George Kiel III, and I, as of last night, am the new Editor-In-Chief of NiceKicks.com. Words can’t express how thankful I am to see such a positive response to my acceptance of the position. I truly appreciate all of the kind words and support.

As always, my focus for NiceKicks.com will continue to be to publish the very best articles and to strengthen the overall editorial perspective of the website by incorporating new kinds of material – both video and editorial. In my new role, I want to strengthen the morale, internally, help grow Nice Kicks, laterally, by covering and reporting on topics and genres of sport we’ve never touched and maintain the consistency we’ve had over the years. I would also like to focus on making NiceKicks.com a more personable website as well, so as Editor-in-Chief, I am happy to field your questions about potential articles, notes, newsletters and reviews (email everything to info@nicekicks.com, as it will be checked on a daily basis).

As for me, personally, I will still be the same, Ol’ G…K3. Sneak Peek will still live on (there is an important Sneak Peek PSA coming this Friday), Sole Access is on its way back (next week to be exact) and Kicks On Court Weekly (dropping the ‘Recap’ and returning on Halloween Night) will continue. I will also share more, editorially, from stories I come across in NBA locker rooms. The title has changed, but the work not so much.

Finally, I want to thank the entire NiceKicks.com editorial staff – Ian Stonebrook, Sid Ashford, Cameron White, Michael Parsley, Kin Kwan, Peter Sim and Pierce Simpson – for the support and dedication to what we have, and will, accomplish. Also, a special thank you goes to Matt and Allison Halfhill for giving me the opportunity to express my creativity on such a grand platform and believing in my vision, especially video-wise.

Again, thank you everyone – fans, brand representatives, competitors, admirers and skeptics – for the continued support.

George V. Kiel III


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