LASCO Brand Introduction

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“It’s not a corporation. It’s more of a craft. It’s taking each one of these shoes, handcrafting each one and taking that extra effort to make sure that everything on this shoe is perfect.”

Did you know most of the sneakers we wear today are not made in our country? Many brands either receive their constructions from countries such as China or import certain aspects of the shoe’s makeup from the aforementioned nation. However, LASCO (Los Angeles Shoe Company), a new American based brand, has a different manufacture game plan in mind. Their goal is to put out a product that is handcrafted here in the United States. In this video above, multiple LASCO brand members discuss how they domestically source products instead of importing materials such as leather and foams. Everything is absolutely 100% American made. View the video to learn more about LASCO and see glimpses of their stylish product.

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