Lance Stephenson Is Coming For P.J. Tucker’s Sneaker King Crown

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The NBA has reportedly lifted their footwear restrictions this upcoming season, which means that players can now wear whatever color sneakers they want during games. This is a big change as players no longer have to wear sneakers that match their uniforms.

Like most players, Lakers forward Lance Stephenson is hyped by this report. Stephenson is so thrilled by the news that he is already making grandiose plans about the sneakers he will wear next season and believes that now his chance to finally knock P.J. Tucker off his throne as the NBA’s undisputed sneaker king.

From Stephenson’s interview with The Athletic’s Scott Agness:

“Aw man, I’m going to tear it up,” said an animated Stephenson, who rarely wore the same pair of shoes twice in a game last season. “When I seen that, I was like, ‘Yo, it’s going down this year.’ So I’m definitely going for P.J. Tucker for this year.”

Is he your only competition, I asked.

“Yeah, but he be cheating, man. They be giving him sneakers. See, I go hard for my sneakers. I go pick them out and stuff. They give him sneakers and that’s not fair. I’m just going after him this year.”

Tucker’s sneaker collection is literally insane so Stephenson has his work cut out for him. But perhaps more importantly for Stephenson, he needs to take to heart the immortal words of The Wire‘s Omar Little – “You come at the king, you best not miss.”

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