Ladies First // Imagining an Aleali May x Maya Moore Jordan Pack

The Future is Female.

That’s a saying that resonates now more than ever. Women are staking their claim in many arenas that have been dominated by men for decades. With new approaches to music, sports, fashion and literature, women are holding their own in every facet of life and culture.

But what’s really going on with females in the sneaker industry and sportswear?

Major sneaker brands seem to be chasing down Lululemon and other athleisure entities for their share of women’s dollars in the retail market. One of these major brands has been Nike in shifting their focus to women’s wear.

Though under the Nike, Inc. umbrella, one way Jordan Brand has gone somewhat against the grain and catered to the fairer sex in their own way has been enlisting the help of Aleali May, a stylist and influencer that has youth on her side.

Another way has been to push a multi-year endorsement of what could very well end up being the MJ of the WNBA in Maya Moore.

Both have most recently released sneakers to rave responses, with Aleali designing an Air Jordan 1 draped in chenille, satin and corduroy. The sneaker has been one of the best this year in my opinion. She also released a Family and Friends iteration of the Air Jordan 6 in a Millennial Pink and Infrared contrast. This is something familiar with her following suit of Vashtie Kola, whom released the first women’s designed Air Jordan retro seven years ago, an Air Jordan 2.

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Maya on the other hand has had several PEs in her Minnesota Lynx colorways exclusive to her, as well as seeing a release of a Air Jordan 1 and 10, respectively this year.

They could cross two different markets, too. Maya, playing for a small-market in Minnesota while raised in Missouri, and Aleali, a South Central LA girl. It would be rather unique to think of a meeting of the minds in the design room and the marketing rollout.

So since this year has seen a major initiative taken by Aleali and Maya singularly to push the brand in the right direction for the ladies, I suggest the two team up and collaborate on what should be the first women’s exclusive pack. Here’s how they could do it…

Dub it the Ladies First Pack

An homage to Vashtie’s 2 and ideally a first of many drops to come not labeled by GS (BG) standards but by Women’s, I suggest they classify it as such. Make sure the men know that the ladies are getting first dibs on these as they will be exclusive to them. Nothing bigger than a women’s 13, which is Maya’s personal size and a men’s 11.5. Also worth noting that Maya is the first woman to sign to Jordan Brand.

So, how do they kick it off?

Bring back the Women’s version of the Air Jordan 13.

A shoe as monumental as it was singular, the silhouette was the first (and only) Women’s Jordan in both build, blocking and sizing. Translation? It was awesome back in 1998 and reintroducing it with Aleali May and Maya Moore two decades after could be big. Could you imagine it in a Flint colorway to match the Lynx color scheme in the uniforms?

OG Women’s Air Jordan 13 (1998 via Defy NY)

I also suggest they collab on a Jordan 1, as both have had their own individual releases of the shoe. By dropping an AJ 1 and the reintroduction of a model that has striking similarities to the 13, this pack could move major units.

It’s about time Jordan got hip to the women’s market. It’s a demographic that’s still greatly untapped sadly because many still don’t respect the WNBA or a woman’s knowledge of sneakers — both wack and off base.

Although many still believe it’s a man’s game, what would we do without women? Jordan Brand is seeing that firsthand. Executives should just sit back and watch Aleali and Maya work. That’s a way to measure a woman’s worth for sure and right now it’s four rings and a crossover hit from this could-be dynamic duo. What’s even better? It could serve as an inspiration for young ladies and proud mothers alike.

That’s what “Love Is” after all.

OG crib sized Women’s Air Jordan 13 (via eBay)

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