A Knight in Shining Armour: 1 on 1 with Brandon Jennings

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Brandon Jennings does things his way, and he doesn’t care about the trendy things that most people flock to. You’ve seen the unique, throwback haircuts he rocks on a consistent basis, and if you’re not familiar with his journey to the NBA, just know that it was unconventional to say the least. How about signing to Under Armour as a basketball athlete? The Compton native is the proud face of the Under Armour basketball division in addition to being the heart and soul of the Milwaukee Bucks. We recently caught up with Brandon Jennings to discuss details of his two signature shoes, his undeniable love for Compton and his commitment to Under Armour. He also touched on his summer internship with Under Armour and reminisced on his memorable ?Double Nickel? game. Check out our?A Knight in Shining Armour: 1 on 1 with Brandon Jennings interview with Brandon Jennings below.

Brandon Jennings

Nice Kicks: How involved are you in the design process of your signature Under Armour shoes?

Brandon Jennings: I?m very involved in the design process of my shoes. I?m fortunate to work with a company like Under Armour that trusts my vision, my sense of style and gives me that creative control. I try to come up with something different and something fresh that I know I would like to wear. Also, I want it to be something that the kids will love too.

Nice Kicks: Low top sneakers are very common in today’s basketball game. Did the influx of low-cut basketball shoes motivate you to also try a lower cut model?

Brandon Jennings: Low-top sneakers are the new generation of basketball shoes. It?s not something I?ve always thought about wanting to play in, but it?s just a trendy thing, and I like the way they feel. Everyone is rocking low cuts these days.

Under Armour Micro G Bloodline "Compton"

Nice Kicks: What are some of the most noticeable differences in playing in your first signature Under Armour Black Ice shoe and this season’s Micro G Bloodline?

Brandon Jennings: Bloodlines are really more of an ankle-cut shoe, and the Black Ice was cut a little different to look like the Gumby. From a performance standpoint, we really took our time with the design and function of both shoes and wanted to make sure we did things right. They?re both great shoes that have totally different looks.


Nice Kicks: Under Armour re-released the “Double Nickel” Black Ice in November of 2011 to commemorate your career high 55-point game. What is your most vivid memory of that game?

Brandon Jennings: My most vivid memory of my 55-point game was not one specific play but rather the fact that I did not score in the first quarter and scored 29 points in the third quarter alone.

Nice Kicks: Besides the Bloodline, name another current Under Armour performance basketball shoe you enjoy playing in?

Brandon Jennings: I used to enjoy playing in the Micro G Jukes but now, other than the Bloodline, I like to wear the Black Ice, my first signature shoe. I switch it up a lot, but I like to play in a new pair of shoes every game. I like to make sure the color goes with what jerseys we are wearing that night.

Brandon Jennings sporting the Under Armour Prototype 2 "Double Nickel"

Photo credit to John Walder

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