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West Coast MC Thurz hails from Cali, but the pair of kicks that started it all for him now reside in Belize. In this installment of Kickstarter, Thurz tells a tale unlike any sneaker story we’ve heard before. Get the background on the pair of Jordans that jumped things off for Thurz below, along with a preview of the pairs that reside on his current radar.

Thurz: “The kicks that started it all for me were probably the Air Jordan 6s. My mom was taking me to Belize, and I bought a pair on Market Street at Inglewood Sports. I went crazy over those. What was crazy, though, is before we left Belize, my mom made me give away my Jordans to my cousin! [Laughs] I probably got two weeks of wear out of those before I gave them away. They didn’t have a lot of outlets for sneakers at that time in Belize, so it was a good deed my mom wanted to do. She always gives clothes and money back to family out there so it wasn’t a big thing. I was kind of hurt at first, but I saw the big picture.

I haven’t bought those since, but I’ve copped a few Jordans over the years. I’m looking to pick up a pair of the Black/Red Air Jordan 11 Low IEs, those are some of my favorites from high school. I’ve also been looking for a pair of those “Bin 23” 9s, those are a beautiful shoe. My current rotation includes Alexander McQueen PUMAs, Y3s and Mutombos. Hopefully I can get my own design with one of these cool brands. I have some ideas that might be better than the Yeezys! [Laughs] Nike, adidas, PUMA, holler at me.”

Special thanks to Red Bull Sound Select. Thurz’s single “High Castle” is available now on iTunes. Keep up with Thurz on Twitter and IG and stay tuned for his upcoming “21” single.

Photo credit: Jeremy Deputat/Red Bull Content Pool

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