Kickstarter: The Shoe That Got Stalley Hooked

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As announced last week, MMG artist Stalley will be serving as Guest Editor for the month of July on Nice Kicks. While Stalley will contribute to the site in a number of ways on an array of columns, his work and story begins with the pair that started it all.

In this installment of Kickstarter, Stalley shares the shoes that got him hooked. Recently retroed but forever his first pair, hear from Stalley about the basketball kicks that got him in the sneaker game.

Stalley: “The pair of sneakers that really kicked it off for me were the David Robinsons from back in the day, the Air Force 180s. I was in elementary school playing basketball at the Boys & Girls Club and I was going to the store to find some sneakers. Those sneakers were just so perfect at the time. They were super high and David Robinson was also one of my favorite players. I think that’s when I really fell in love with sneakers. Everything about them – the colorway, the comfort, the Air pockets, the big tongue – it was an amazing shoe.”

“I definitely rocked them to school, but I was one of those guys that would always test out the shoes I got for style for basketball too. I had to play in everything even though friends and family would always ask me why I was playing in them. I had to test them out on the court. It was a two-way shoe for me. My mom got those for me and they were a blessing. That was like $140 at the time but she looked out as mom always did.”

Stay tuned all month for more exclusive content from our July Guest Editor, Stalley.

Photo credit: Kyle Dean Reinford c/o Atlantic Records

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