Kevin Durant Stars in Nike’s Black History Month Campaign

In 2020, Nike committed $140 million towards community organizations over the next decade with a year-round philanthropic approach titled “Future Movement.” As apart of the initiative, the Nike 2023 Black History Month campaign is dedicated to amplifying the pursuit of communal well-being by highlighting five different individuals from the Black community that are actively prioritizing wellness, with Kevin Durant being the campaign’s headliner.

The Phoenix Suns forward has served his community with the Durant Family Foundation, which is the two-time NBA Champion’s journey to wellness. The foundation is guided by the values he’s learned throughout his basketball career, as well as “Black Consciousness” in perspective and vulnerability.

Just talking about what’s going on in your brain is key. Giving yourself up and having honest, open conversations with people contributes to your wellness.

Kevin Durant

By starting conversations around wellness and Black consciousness, Nike and KD provide the next generation with resources and opportunities to achieve mental and physical health through his charitable organizations.

Since 2005, Nike has honored African-American communities during Black History Month with dedicated apparel and sneaker collections that uplift generational storytelling.

Kevin Durant will be accompanied by Olympic track and field athlete Anna Cockrell, three-time Olympic fencer Daryl Homer, pro hockey player Saroya Tiker, and rapper Watts Stix. These cultural leaders will represent Nike as The Swoosh continues to invest and support organizations dedicated to economic empowerment, social justice and fighting systemic inequalities through and beyond sport.

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