Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, but famous as Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Kareem is believed by many to be the greatest big to ever play the game. Kareem has consecrated his status as a winner at every level of basketball. After winning 71 consecutive High School basketball games, Kareem attended UCLA where he took home three chips as a Bruin. Following his collegiate campaign, Kareem was offered $1 million to play for the storied Harlem Globetrotters which he declined to start his pro career for the Bucks in 1969. After a 20 year career, and copy-write of his signature move, the ?skyhook?, Kareem is still the all time NBA record holder in points (38,387) minuets played (57,446) and all star game selections (19).

In addition to establishing his own signature shot, Kareem is also know for his own signature Adidas shoe dubbed the Adidas Jabbar. Released in 1971, the Adidas Jabbar was the first NBA endorsed basketball shoe. Equally as iconic as the skyhook, the three stripe silhouette has been a staple on Kareem?s foot, recognizable for over 30 years. Long before his ?airness? in the 1985, the Adidas Jabbar was the first must have NBA signature shoe.

Adidas Jabar 1971