Kanye West Shares Instagram Post That Hints at a Potential Meeting with Michael Jordan

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Exciting day at the Nice Kicks office as Kanye West shared a tweet from our Twitter on his Instagram account. The tweet came from Nice Kicks this morning and shared that Marcus Jordan, MJ’s son, wants to get Kanye and DJ Khaled in a meeting with Michael Jordan himself.

The Instagram post Kanye shared was cryptic, with a Jumpman logo preceding the Nice Kicks Tweet, and the caption was a single emoji — the sneaky eyeballs peeking to the side. Kanye makes it seems casual, but this is a big statement being that Ye had rapped over his 2015 single “Facts,” claiming that “Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman.”

Of course Kanye has a complicated history with both Nike and Jordan, as Ye was a proud Nike fan before their relationship turned sour and he headed to adidas. Although it is facts that the adidas Yeezy partnership has been a revolutionary success, Kanye apologized to MJ on Twitter in February 2016 saying, “I’m sorry Michael Jordan I love and respect you,” West wrote. “My beef was with [former Nike CEO] Mark Parker. I respect you so much!”

Since then, not much has been said about Kanye’s relationship with Michael Jordan, although he did just recently mention the feud again during November 2021, when he was a guest on Drink Champs. In the interview, Kanye claimed that MJ was still bitter about “Facts.”

“Jordan still won’t meet with me,” West said. “I’m trying to meet with Michael Jordan, it’s like ‘Man, it’s a song, man.’”

Although Michael Jordan has never publicly commented on the feud or the song, it seems like Ye and MJ may finally be able to squash the beef once and for all. Only time will tell, but make sure you don’t miss out by following @NiceKicks on Instagram and Twitter.

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