Jordan Brand Recalls “Wings” Hoody

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Nike and Jordan Brand have created some legendary shoes over the years; however, Jordan Brand’s name is not yet synonymous with “great clothing”.

In 2006, Jordan Brand had a bit of a black eye when the brand that has built itself on quality and authenticity produced a T-shirt that featured a photo of a fake pair of Jordan shoes copied from a fake website. After public outcry, Jordan Brand recalled the shirts, but only a few months later pawned off the clothing to customers at Nike Outlet Stores (see Recalled to Resell?).

Last week, Jordan Brand recalled several clothing items including the “Wings” full-zip hoody. The intention of this article of clothing was that the wearer could fully zip the hood, stretch their arms outward, and it would look like the iconic “Wings” Poster. According to our sources, Jordan Brand wanted to create something like this after they saw the overwelming success of LRG’s “Dead Serious” hoody and have the item available for Halloween of 2007.

As far as we know, the clothing does not contain any lead paint, but rather the recall orders were executed because JB execs felt that this hoody and a few other items did not “accurately represent Jordan Brand.” Do consider that these hoodies did release along with “Say No To Fakes” T-shirts.

Pics of hoody from UTA.

Jordan Brand “Wings” Hoody Recalled

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