John Geiger Previews Air Jordan 1 Rainbow Wheel

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The Air Jordan 1 is heralded by many as the greatest sneaker of all time. Its a shoe most simply can’t get enough of. Jordan Brand is well aware of its heroic like stature in sneaker culture, one of the many reasons why it maintains within their release rotation in some form or fashion seemingly at all times. But what John Geiger just previewed via his IG takes that a step further. Actually, it takes things 16 steps further.

A rainbow of Air Jordan 1 colorways, 16 in total, leads us to believe that the 1985 classic has a big year in store. Similar to an image Pharrell Williams debuted last year, but in his case with the adidas Superstar, this image may have a bit more of a backstory.

Two days ago Graphic Designer Mister Victory shared the same image on his IG with a caption that led many to presume it was custom job. And Geiger is certainly one to own customs by the boat load. Could they just be a one-off job? Or maybe a Spring 2015 release waiting in the wings? At this point it’s all speculation. Keep it locked as we’ll be sure to update with any new information.

Source: @johngeiger_

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