Jerry Lorenzo Debuts Nike Air Fear of God 1 SA

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Jerry Lorenzo’s Nike Air Fear of God collaboration may be the biggest partnership of the year. Nike and Jerry set out to bring back the beauty and the will of wearing performance sneakers on the daily basis.

In an exclusive interview with Complex, Jerry reveals the design process behind the highly anticipated Nike Air Fear of God 1 and debuts the model’s counterpart, the Nike Air Fear of God 1 SA.

During the interview, Jerry speaks on getting inspiration from vintage classic silhouettes ranging from classic Air Jordans to vault Nike Air Flight models. Leo Chang, the famed Nike Basketball designer of KD and Hyperdunk fame, spoke on his role in the Nike Air Fear of God 1 and adds that Jerry is extremely detail oriented and takes the design process to another level.

Later in the interview, Jerry Lorenzo and Jarrett Reynolds explain remixing the iconic “Air Flight” logo to compose the new “Air Fear of God” logo. Jerry goes on to reveal the inspiration behind the Nike x Fear of God apparel collection and why it’s different than the current basketball apparel on the market.

Perhaps most importantly, Jerry also answers the speculations about two different versions of the Nike Air Fear of God 1. The Nike Air Fear of God 1 with the large Swoosh and no cage is the SA which stands for Shootaround. This model is made to be worn pregame and give the player more freedom.

Peep the Nike Air Fear of God 1 SA in the photos below and get Jerry’s insight on his latest collection in the video interview above.

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