Hiroshi Slams BAPE, Ugly People, American Suburbs

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Beef and drama isn’t exactly our cup of tea, but in a recent interview with Portfolio Magazine, streetwear and sneaker pillar Hiroshi Fujiwara made a statement that caught the attention of Complex and HypeBeast.

When asked about about Nigo and Bathing Ape:

???I just wonder how he feels when he sees ugly people wearing his clothes. If you go to the countryside in America and people are wearing Bathing Ape, [then] that???s not very cool.???

This statement has brought forth many questions about Hiroshi’s opinion of fashion outside of major cities and whether he can stomach seeing Japanese underground street style be adopted by suburban (and ugly) kids.

While it is our opinion that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and the freedom of self expression, when you are a consultant for major companies such as Nike and Levi’s, we would recommend choosing your words wisely when slamming a competitor. All I ask for Hiroshi to do is to consider what percentage of Nike’s and Levi’s revenue is generated from the suburbs, middle America, and “ugly people” before making a statement about anyone or any brand.

We caught up with Soulja Boy for his opinion about Hiroshi’s statement to which he responded that he is going to “Super Man dat hoe!”

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