Akademiks Clothing

Akademiks Clothing was started by two brothers Donwan and Emmett Harrell to change the look of hip hop clothing forever. People are giving us hype about what to drive, where to eat, how to vote, what to wear, but not Akademiks clothing. Akademiks clothing line gives a great display of how much of idividuals the Harrell brothers are. Not only are the designs from season to season quite different from all the other hip hop clothing, but Akademiks clothing changes from season to season so much that the only thing in common is the Akademiks clothing logo and its individuality.

Akademiks Clothing is one of the many hip hop clothing brands that produces jackets, t-shirts, jeans, track suits, and other accessories for both guys and girls. Akademiks clothing can be found at hundreds of hip hop clothing stores across the nation as well as at other major online retailers.Akademiks Clothing got a ton of press in 2004 when they made a suggestive advirtisement that was on the side of NYC buses. The Akademiks ad displayed a girl in a plaid skirt on her knees with the punchline, “Read books, get brain.” The ad was approved by Akademiks execs as well as the MTA. The Akademiks clothing ad was pulled, but a ton of attention was given free of charge to this famous hip hop clothing brand.