Here’s The New Nike LeBron 13 Elite For The Playoffs

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words // Nick DePaula:

For years, Nike Basketball’s Elite Series has looked to add reinforcements, embellishments and added support to its annual signature models. To be completely honest, the LeBron series didn’t need all that.

It needed to be stripped down. Lighter. Less bulk. More flexible.

The new LeBron 13 Elite looks like that shoe. It’s the LeBron sneaker we’ve been asking for for three years now.

With a synthetic rubberized kurim upper, also seen on shoes like the Kobe VI and Kobe IX EXT Hi, the 13 Elite features a simplified upper without all the fussiness and additional molded parts of the Foamposite-based LeBron 11, 12 and 13.

There’s also a veering carbon fiber wing that extends up into the midfoot for support, and the same hexagonal Zoom-equipped cushioning setup is carried over into the outsole.

Stay tuned for more information on retail price, and look for the Red/Black to release on Thursday, April 14th, just before the playoffs start. The White/Black/Gold edition launches on Thursday, May 5th, and the Black/White will release on May 26.

LeBron James Elite 13 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW1_1_54025 2 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW1_0349_V1_54028 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW1_0428_V1_54026 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW1_0438_V1_54027 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW1_0533_V1_54037 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW1_D1_v2_v1_54033 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW2_1_54040 2 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW2_0381_v2_54030 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW2_0402_v1_54034 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW2_0461_v1_54032 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW3_1_54031 2 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW3_0343_v2_54035 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW3_0351_v1_54038 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW3_0374_v2_54036 SU16_BB_ELITE_LBJXIII_FLOW3_0386_v2_54039

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