Gridiron Kicks Spotlight // Greatest Sneaker Moments in Super Bowl History

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As the 50th Super Bowl in NFL history is set to take place in Santa Clara this Sunday, plenty of football enthusiasts and prognosticators are still uncertain as to who will take the crown. Whether it’s the youthful and exuberant Carolina Panthers led by certain 2015 MVP Cam Newton, or the living legend Peyton Manning and his rugged Denver Broncos, both formidable teams will certainly make this spectacle a can’t miss.

However the dice may fall this weekend, it’s still a growing tradition of Super Bowl week to take a look back at the previous title games and celebrate the lore of various teams. Ranging from the Cowboys dynasties to the Patriots, this list of notable players and icons is vast. Ultimately, we’ll do the same, but from a different aspect as we present yet another Gridiron Kicks Spotlight, but this time looking at the Greatest Sneaker Moments in Super Bowl History.

To see the incredible list, flip through the pages below to enjoy.

Super Bowl XXIV: Ronnie Lott

Year: 1990
Model: Air Jordan 4

Ronnie Lott was Kam Chancellor before Kam ever patrolled a secondary on the gridiron. Lott’s ferocious nature and incredible tackling ability made him a force to be reckoned with in the 49ers’ secondary for years. Rumor has it that Lott even allowed for the severance of his own finger to get back into a game during his illustrious playing career.

With those notions provided, you can imagine how John Elway and company felt in Super Bowl XXIV as they took on the 49ers. In what would become a blowout in favor of the 49ers, Lott would start and contribute heavily while rocking this black and varsity red colorway of the Air Jordan 4.

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