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Man, oh man, the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs continued to ascend the most popular league within American sports to higher heights as several contests elicited exciting finishes and controversial calls. Like many of the matchups we’ve seen throughout the 2014 campaign, this weekend’s set of games featured a variety of stellar footwear sightings. Headlined by three Jordan Brand athletes gracing our Starting-11, as well as a galactic-like custom ranking high on our list as well, today’s special Divisional episode of Gridiron Kicks is a can’t miss. To see more, check out the official video of this week’s action and let us know in the comments section below which player donned the best heat.

Also, for those who would like to catch up on previous episodes, check out the videos below to get your refill on the best there is to offer in NFL footwear in the Nice Kicks Original Series: Gridiron Kicks.

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