Gremlins x Converse Jack Purcell

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Inspired by the 1984 horror-comedy film “Gremlins,” the Gremlins x Converse Jack Purcell are as unique as the flick that they commemorate. Red and blue 3D graphics of the popular Stripe and Gizmo characters pop out of the white upper, which sits on top of a vintage white midsole. What sets this Purcell apart is the actual 3D glasses that come with the shoes, so that you can make the gremlins jump out at your friends.

Almost as hard to find as a real gremlin, these Converse are only being released in Japan. If you want to track down a pair, either catch a flight or try to locate some through cyber shopping. Let us know what you think of these Japanese exclusives in the comment section below.

Gremlins x Converse Jack Purcell


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