George Gervin

Known as ?Iceman? for his constant composure on the court, George Gervin made his finger roll look effortless. Growing up in Detroit with rough surroundings, Gervin didn?t have an easy path to the ABA. Originally almost being cut from the high-school program, Gervin became friends with the janitor allowing him to access the gym every night to work on his jumper. After being suspended from Eastern Michigan for an altercation in a Division II tournament Gervin joined a successful minor league team averaging 40 points per game. Later signed by the ABA?s Virginia Squires his contract was bought by the San Antonio Spurs giving Gervin a home to solidify his hall of fame career. Gervin played in 12 straight All-Star games averaging a minimum 21 points in those seasons. In one of the most popular scoring championships ever the Iceman beat Denver Nuggets? David Thompson by 7/100 of a point for the title. Gervin?s number 44 jersey is retired in San Antonia, and in 2008 he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Introduced in 1970 was the Adidas shell toe that became an instant favorite in the NBA. However, shortly after was the introduction of Nike into the basketball market. Starting with The Blazer, the swoosh started to takeover in 1973. 10 years later a revolution started. In1983 was the birth of one of the most ionic shoes in history: The Air Force 1. To celebrate George Gervin?s career, in 2008 Nike released the Nike Blazer Hi George ?Iceman? Gervin featuring a picture of the star sitting on his ice thrown.

Adidas Pro Model

Nike Air Flight 96

Air Force 1